The Mall Luton – Mythical Beasts LEGO® Brick Trail

Available 31st Jul – 13th Aug 2018

The Mall, Luton always seem to have amazing FREE activities on for kids. This summer, Pandora’s Box has opened, releasing mythical LEGO® beasts into The Mall. On Tuesday 31st July, we were kindly invited to their VIP Mythical Beasts Lego® Brick Trail to be the first to track down these beasts and be a part of an amazing adventure! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect so went completely open minded, but was amazed by the large Lego creations!

First things first

To start this fun FREE experience, you need to head to the Ask Me Point desk in central square to collect your Lego® Brick Trail guide. Without this, you can’t answer the questions and be in for a chance of winning a family day out at LEGOLAND!

LEGO® Brick Trail Guide

There are 13 questions in the guide and a handy LEGO® Brick Trail map to show where each Mythical Beast is located.

But there’s a catch!

Question 13 requires you to think outside the box and look for LEGO® models in different retailers around the centre. This is great fun for the kids and allows them to explore even further.

Look out, there’s a seven-headed Hydra about!

Seven-headed Hydra

Down at Feast Street you will find the amazing seven-headed Hydra. I love the fact that this statute has been placed in this location, 7 Hydra heads would certainly eat you alive!

It took a team of 6 builders 122 hours to build, which is a little over 5 days. Where on earth would you store 177,000 LEGO® bricks? That’s exactly how many pieces were used to create this incredibly detailed masterpiece.

Trailing along

We trailed up and down The Mall to locate all 12 beasts. The more sculptures we came across, the more excited my son Asher became. I read the questions out to him to see if he knew the answers which kept him engaged in the trail. Some of the questions are as simple as identifying a colour on the LEGO® beast.

Chiron the Centaur

Question 13 on the trail guide was particularly fun for him because it was like playing hide and seek. I would spot the shop where I could see a LEGO® model and then give him little clues. The excitement on his face when he spotted the models was priceless. Even though he is only 4 years old, he really enjoyed answering the questions and running to find new escaped beasts!

LEGO® Model: Ant

Selfie, Selfie, Selfie!

There are specific selfie zones outlined in the trail guide. If you find these zones and take a selfie, your child could be in for a chance of winning some amazing LEGO® prizes. Simply head to these zones, take a selfie and upload to social media with #MythicalKids. It really is as simple as that!

Hint: One of the selfie zones is near Central Square. Shh.. don’t tell anyone I told you!

Gigantic Beast Alert!

Asher got up close and personal with the humongous Cyclops. I was completely blown away by how tall it was and the level of detail that had gone into creating it, so imagine how he must’ve felt!

Bright Brights are the geniuses behind these amazing LEGO® creations which definitely get kids and adults engaged. Well done guys!

Polyphemus the Cyclops


If you are heading to The Mall between 31st July – 13th August, your child will be mesmerised by the LEGO® beasts, so you may as well let them take part in the trail 🙂 One thing I am an advocate for is learning outside of school time. This trail encourages kids to read, write and take notice. I would describe it as a fun and educational FREE day out that is worth taking part in.

In summary I would say that the Mythical Beasts LEGO® Brick Trail is definitely something you have to see for yourself to appreciate how truly awesome the creations are.

Azalea the Mermaid

My top 5 tips for the Mythical Beasts LEGO® Trail are:

1. Get there early!

2. Grab your Lego® Brick Trail Guide.

3. Do the trail at your leisure.

4. Take selfies at the Selfie Zones outlined in the trail guide, post on social media with #MythicalKids and be in for a chance of winning LEGO® prizes!

5. Hand your COMPLETED LEGO® Brick Trail guide back in to the Ask Me Point!
The Mall, Luton is also offering lots more FREE fun this summer. Click here to find out more!

A special thanks to The Mall for this amazing morning out followed by LEGO® activities and a lovely lunch 🙂

Have a great summer!

Sherene x

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