Slow down! Stop razzing on…

Just stop for a minute and ask yourself this…..How am I doing? Taking just 1 minute out of your time to really reflect on this could help you recover from feelings of ‘blurrr’ a lot quicker than if you keep razzing on!

I asked myself the same thing recently because quite frankly, life was getting on top! A few weeks ago I posted the above snail picture on Instagram. On that particular day, I decided to head out in the pissing down rain because it was one of those mornings where I didn’t care what the weather was like, I just had to get out of the house.

Do you ever have those days where you feel like bashing your head against a frikkin wall? Yes, it was one of those! The place was a shit hole and my son was driving me nuts! On top of that, I was going through a bit of a low spell. The reality is, life can get on top sometimes.

Back to the snail. I was intrigued by this little beauty because I felt like I could relate for a split second. Ms Snail seriously is amazing! She’s got the weight of the world on her back and traveling at a pace that will take forever to get anywhere! It’s pouring down with rain, but she isn’t giving up. Ms Snail has a destination in mind, a purpose and a reason to carry on. If only I could be more like her. If only I could push past this low. This is exactly what came to mind when I stopped and watched Ms Snail slithering along.

As crazy as it may sound, coming across Ms Snail made me think that no matter how fast or slow I go, I should still GO! If I don’t start then how can I expect to make any progress or get anywhere further on? But slowing down and taking time out to ask myself “Are you ok babes?” is so important to check in on me and really find out how I am.

Do you ever think about how motivational speaker’s like Tony Robbins give so much and still stay motivated? Do you think he ever has days where he feels like… bluuuurrrrhhh!! As much as many people see him as a superhero.. (me included) the reality is, he is a human being like the rest of us, but clearly smashing his self-care routine! To get past Blluurrrrr.. you have to implement self-care. Part of my self-care slow down strategy includes the following: 

1. Decluttering

Having a massive clear out feels gooooood!! Have you ever got into the mode of throwing things out and got carried away and ended up throwing the kitchen sink in a bin liner? That’s me! I get declutter happy and end up looking for things to throw out. My advice is to get a few different piles going… ‘no longer want/don’t use’…’no longer need’…’haven’t worn in over 2 years’…’stuff to sell’. Having a clear out will help your mind. 

2. Relaxing

When things are starting to get on top, it is time to take a step back and reeeelax! Some people are so bad at relaxing that they don’t know where to start. That is me at times because I like to get things done and feel like I can’t relax until that time. But when it is time to slow down, getting more sleep and going for more walks really helps me to bring the pace down to relaxation mode. I am not really into long baths with rose petals lol!! I run a bath and have to get out after 5 minutes, the hotness just gets far too overwhelming and a cool bath is just not the one! So relaxation is more about my body being able to rest and my mind being free.

3. Write a list
I am a firm follower in writing things down. From a young age, my thing has been lists… I used to write a list of EVERYTHING.. My cousin used to get annoyed. But honestly, when I have written something down, it releases the mental baggage. I love ticking things off and having that sense of achievement. There’s an app called AnyDo which is really good for this, but I also love having a physical list.

4. Get energised!
No I don’t mean a bottle of Lucozade and a Boost bar! I mean spend time with people that uplift you up. Surround yourself with the people that simply make you feel happy, come rain or shine. When I feel low, taking time out to be around these people helps me feel boosted, uplifted and energised.

5. What are you consuming?
The last one on the list is looking at what you are putting into your body. I really believe that the food/drink I eat affects how I feel. When I eat toooo much shit, it is time for me to step back and have a detox. About 6 years ago, I had my gallbladder removed and the advice was to maintain a healthy lifetime diet! How unfair for Britain’s no.1 chocoholic! If I eat too much crap, my body sure tells me about it.

Another thing to consider is medication that you might be taking. I recently started some new medication and when I looked at the side effects, depression was one of them!! That was a no-no for me, and I had to stop the meds as I was feeling low and started to feel as if I couldn’t shift ‘that feeling’. If like me you are having a bluuurrr spell, check your diet and medication (if you are taking any).

My final golden nugget is to not waste time on things that are not productive. Put it down and come back to it. When I am working on something and it does not appear to be moving forward, it is time for me to put it down and come back to it later.

One of my favourite reggae songs by Beres Hammond has a line which goes “If your heart’s not in it, let it go. Stop wasting time, don’t fool yourself, it won’t grow”. 

So I just want to remind you to check in on yourself, slow down, and self-reflect to avoid burnout.

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