Are you aware of the negative influences around you?

On a day to day basis, I try my best to be upbeat, mentally strong and positive. But occasionally, the smallest of negative influences can trigger my thoughts to go off course. If left, these thoughts can spiral out of control. So I nip them in the bud by having downtime and self-reflecting.

Overexposure to Negative Influences

I am very mindful of the negative influences that I am exposed to and try my best to safeguard my own mental wellbeing. Negative influences come in many forms, one being people. Some people with a negative aura can drain my energy. I do take the time to help people but the reality is, you can only really help people who want to be helped.

Negative influences also come in the form of TV! When I was younger (up to the age of 23ish), I used to watch horror films for the thrill and excitement, but every time the music changed to high pitched fast strings, it would fill me with dread!

Do you know what I used to do when I knew a scary bit was coming?

Cover my ears and close my eyes!!!

When I think about it now, I question why I ever put myself through that! Why did I even bother watching the film?

The fear that came with watching the film would stay with me way after the film had finished. I would then reflect on my own ‘scary’ life experiences.

Just before I became a teenager, I developed a fear of the dark, which was a result of my dad passing away. I used to sleep with the TV on every night (when I could cope alone) or sleep in my mum’s room when my mind just would not shut down. This fear of the dark didn’t get any better until we finally moved house in 2012. But even now in 2018, I still occasionally find myself turning off the light, running to the bed and leaping on, so nothing can grab my leg from under the bed!

So, has my fear of the dark fully gone? NO!

But I am not alone! A recent survey found that 64% of British adults admit they are also still scared of the dark. Thankfully for me, it’s very occasional.

So how do I combat these negative influences and improve my mental wellbeing?
  • TV: Being mindful of what I watch
  • PEOPLE: Not spending too much time around people who drain my positive energy
  • ALCOHOL: Not drinking too much!
  • SLEEP: Getting enough of it
  • WORK: Managing my workload and not stressing
  • FAMILY & FRIEND’S: Making time for them
Negative influences often leave me emotionally drained and feeling sad or even worse than I did before I came into contact with it/them. When I think about negative people, I describe them as speaking negatively about themselves or life and not being able to see past their current situation. Some people are so hard to please, no matter how much you try. Then you have people who do not have your best interests at heart and you may find they try to ‘use’ you for their benefit. But, the person with the most negative influence can often be me! I have in the past, been my own worst enemy and talked so negatively about myself, not being about to see any good or a way out.
Weighing up negative influences
I guess I reflect on the influences in my life and weigh up if they are positive or negative and choose how I spend my time around such influences. But ultimately, I choose what I accept for me! No matter what somebody says to me whether it is a friend, family member or total stranger, I have the power to choose what I take on board and reject what I feel is negative. So if somebody tries to hand you negative baggage, hand it straight back!
If you are experiencing a downward spiral with your own mental health, have a think about what could be causing it. What negative influences have you got around you that might be pulling you down? Draining your energy?
Have you ever been in a really good mood and in no time you are in the foulest of moods? We can experience a range of mental states in such a short period of time. You have to be mindful of who you and what you spend your time around and for how long. As a mum, I also apply this to my son one example being that I monitor what he watches on TV.

Reducing the negative influences around you will contribute to a good mental wellbeing.

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  1. Brilliant post. I think we often fail to acknowledge the impact of external influences but as you say we can choose to accept or reject these.

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