Do you struggle to be creative with your child?

Being creative is not something that comes natural to everyone. But when you have children, they force you into the realm of creativity. If you are struggling to be creative, first ask yourself the question…

What does creativity mean to me?

Creativity is something that I am passionate about. To me, creativity is a means for me to express myself and unleash a real passion of mine. Since becoming a mum, I have allowed my son to explore his own creative spark, starting from an early age, which included mark making and exploring different textures.

If you want to start exploring creativity with your child, Crayola give a good introduction to creative parenting:

‘spark your kidsโ€™ creativity by encouraging their curiosity, using common everyday experiences to inspire new ideas, building their confidence and using their art to spark conversations.’

As a parent who enjoys being creative, I think it is important to allow my child to be exposed to different materials and resources, so that he can explore and decide what he enjoys in the creative world. As I discovered as a child, creativity can provide beneficial therapy. I used the art of drawing as a way of dealing with stressful situations, in particular, around the time I lost my dad. I will discuss this in more detail in a future post.

Equip yourself with a variety of different materials and resources. In my cupboard you will find the following:

  • Pens
  • Felt tips
  • Pencils
  • Child friendly scissors
  • Moulding/play dough
  • Glue stick/PVA glue
  • Paper in a variety of colours

Check out the following sites ‘offer’ section for low costs arts and craft supplies:

Hobby Craft

The Works

If you haven’t done so already, get yourself a Pinterest account. You will find lost of creative ideas for fun things to make with kids.

Materials do not always have to be expensive. I have often use things like cardboard a toilet roll, sweet rappers & leaves. Be imaginative!

In this section, you will find posts on creativity and crafts and things I have made with my son to help him explore. I have summed up creativity in 4 points below:

Don’t be afraid of mess!

If you want to explore creativity with your child, be prepared for the mess that comes with it. I set up some paper on the floor for my son to do some painting. In my opinion, there was enough space for him to paint and express himself but somehow, he ended up painting the kitchen floor too!

In the end, his feet were in the paint, his hands and legs. I let him run around it and he absolutely loved it! Thankfully the floor and clothes were not stained.

If you are as brave as me, let your child run wild with some washable paints. They will absolutely love it!

Good Luck!

Wide Eyed Mummy

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1 comment

  1. I’m so glad you highlighted the importance of allowing/encouraging a child’s creativity and the positive impact it has on development. I mean, just looking at those images warms my heart cause there is so much happening in the image that is so beneficial to a child also a to a parent.
    *enjoying an new experience
    *practice of the gross/fine motor skills
    *independence is be promoted
    * Teaching of dealing with a accident (paint on the floor)lol
    *I can just imagine the amount of spoken language that was practiced in the activity.
    love this post and I’m a true believer of “creativity” being the key ! xx

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