Setting goals and working your ass off to smash them is a key factor to living your best life. I set my 30 things to do before turning 30 because I wanted to make sure I leave my twenties with a bang. One thing’s for sure, I am not taking the view that my life is over when I turn 30. In fact, I want to take more risks, be more adventurous and enjoy every waking moment. So every month, I will be reporting on my progress towards my 30 things to do before 30 list.

I would say accountability is the most important factor to keep you on track. Would you agree? Since sharing my list, people from different walks of life have reached out and given me amazing and encouraging feedback. It has motivated them to start their own list and define what they want for their own lives. And knowing they are reading this is what keeps me motivated, because I love to help others too.

So here is my April goals review. I hope that you can get some inspiration to start your own list, or if you already have one, inspire you to carry on to achieve your goals.

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1. Self Love

Goal: Do what makes me happy, say no to things that don’t make me happy or bring joy.
Result: Speaking positive affirmations daily.
Progress: On track

A ongoing daily process of appreciating who I am. I continue to speak positivity over myself and embrace my flaws. Sometimes we can overcommit to things and then regret agreeing to one thing or another. But this month I have made sure that I only do things I genuinely want to do and I feel happier for it! I have also taken time out to relax and attend Bannetynes for a spa day. This is all part of self love and self appreciation.

2. Volunteer 

Goal: Volunteer my time for a cause I believe in.
Result: Charity chosen and currently working towards a fundraiser event.
Progress: On track – Target 18th May 2018

On Friday 18th May 2018, I will be a Quiz Master for Sienna’s Footsteps. This month, I have continued to spend time putting together the quiz and liaising with the quiz core group. If you want to read more about Sienna’s story and make a donation, please click here.

3. Develop my self confidence 

Goal: Venture out and explore more ways to build my self confidence.
Result: Daily boost in confidence evidenced by speaking up and speaking out more.
Progress: On track

In some ways, I feel like confidence can be a hard thing to track, depending on how you perceive confidence. For me, confidence is transitioning all of the amazing thoughts and feelings that happen on the inside and being more outwardly expressive about myself. I guess its about having a voice, and that voice getting louder and stronger.

This month, I have taken the step to engage with more people but also focussed on being more objective. Generally, I try not to compare myself to others because I understand that we all have a very unique journey and you never know what somebody is going through on the inside. I am a firm believer in challenging our own perceptions, because sometimes we can get things wrong and think things that are not real, and if it is not positive, they need changing.

4. Enhance my public speaking skills

Goal: Go up on stage and speak with bags of confidence.
Result: 3 opportunities for public speaking.
Progress: On track

I have been approached by 3 different people about public speaking opportunities. I am in the process of finalising plans, dates etc. But the next step is to work on the anxieties that come with public speaking. My mum is a trained public speaking coach so she will be working with me over the next few months, to get me to that place of confidence.

5. Face challenges & learn what I need to conquer them 

Goal: Face some of the challenges I would usually run from and conquer them.
Result: Challenge identified, public speaking.
Progress: On track

I am currently being coached through the process of public speaking to help me deliver to the best of my ability and conquer public speaking.

6. Travel somewhere I have always wanted to go

Goal: To visit a place I have always wanted to go.
Result: Place identified- Scotland.
Progress: n/a

I need to plan exactly how I am going to get there, plane or drive, and where in Scotland I will go. My goal is to make this happen in September.

7. Save a little each month to invest in myself 

Goal: Putting a little something aside each month to invest in me.
Result: I have a small savings pot.
Progress: £30 in the pot.

Every time i get paid, I draw out a little bit of money and put it in the pot. This will continue each month.

8. Love MY Body 

Goal: Not being too self-critical about my appearance.
Result: I wear what makes me happy!
Progress: Ongoing

I love my body and give thanks for continued health and strength both mentally and physically.

I recite this daily! I try not to wear black but instead, fully embrace colour and I must admit, it does make me feel better about myself. Have you ever thought “I’m going to save this outfit for a special occasion?” Well, I no longer save things! If i want to wear something, I will, because u never know if that special occasion will come to pass.


Goal: Try it!
Result: I have made enquiries about a local class.
Progress: Not started

In the coming months, I will attend yoga, but have not yet decided where I will go.

10. Put on at least one event

Goal: Put on 1 event.
Result: Drafting ideas and date.
Progress: On track

I am working with my mum around this project and we are hoping to put on an event on September 9th, which is the day before World Suicide Prevention day. We have not yet finalised anything, but the event will be more of an inspirational session about getting through life rather than focussing on suicide as an isolated topic.

11. Publish an eBook 

Goal: Write useful life experiences in an eBook.
Result: Decided on eBook subject
Progress: On track

I have decided that I am going to write my eBook at the end of this journey. I will be focussed on goal setting and smashing and my journey. I will start to write this in December 2018.

12. Spend more time with loved ones 

Goal: Spend quality time with friends and family.
Result: Spending more time with people I care about
Progress: On track

This month I have continued to make time for the people who I love and care about. I will continue to spend quality time with friends and family and schedule time in to make this happen. I put a yellow dot on my annual calendar to show when this has happened.

13. Work on my self discipline 

Goal: To give up something I love for 30 days.
Result: n/a
Progress: Not started

On 1/10/2018 I am going to give up something I love for 30 days!

14. Watch less, read more 

Goal: Limit how much TV I am watching and read more books!
Result: Half way through ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K’.
Progress: In progress

Last month, I set a goal to finish  ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K’. Sadly, I have only made it half way through. I was adamant that I wanted to finish it. But so many things happened and I had way less time than I thought. My son was taken into hospital and has been poorly for two out of four weeks.  Thankfully he is better now, but sometimes we have to prioritise life, and finishing a book was certainly not my priority. On my list, no.16 is Dropping out of things I don’t like, I’ve met this goal by adapting it to dropping out of things I do like too, because life happens and that is very ok! I have watched less this month and definitely read a lot as Ive researched lots on Maternal Mental Health. 

Overall, I watch far less than I used to. I am not usually the type of person that will sit and read one book to the very end. I like to flit between books depending on what I feel like reading at a specific time. I will continue to read more.

15. Silent Rave 

Goal: To attend a silent rave.
Result: Attended Hush Silent Rave
Progress: Completed March 2018

Yes! I did it! I attended a silent rave and boy did I have fun! I went with two of my closest friends and we had a really good time. If you haven’t been to one before, I would highly recommend it! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen my YouTube review. If not, go check it out below.

Would I go again? Watch to find out.

16. Drop out of things I don’t like 

Goal: Drop out of things I really don’t enjoy.
Result: 1 Example
Progress: Ongoing

Recently, I have not taken on any tasks that I don’t enjoy. However last month, I did commit to reading ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K’. Sadly, I didn’t meet this target so dropped out, but I am very okay with that, because I simply did not have as much time as I had hoped. Sometimes we set goals and sometimes we don’t meet them. It’s all a part of learning how to improve for the next time. Family needs come first, and that exactly what happened in my case.

17. Eat what I love 

Goal: Eat what I love and try new foods.
Result: New Food = 1
Progress: On track

I tried Tai food for the first time EVER and have had it three times since. It was amazing! Pad Tai is my new favourite. I mean the flavours, the peanuts on the side, the prawns. The whole dish was delicious, in fact it is making my mouth water as I write this! Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the Pad Thai dish as it didn’t last that long, but here is a pic of my starter 🙂

18. Write a letter to myself and open it on my 40th birthday 

Goal: Write an email or physical letter to myself.
Result: To be completed on 03/03/2019
Progress: n/a

I have decided that I will complete this on my 30th birthday once I have come to the end of the 30 before 30 journey.

19. Do something that scares me

Goal: Identify one of my greatest fears and try and conquer it!
Result: n/a
Progress: n/a

I am in the process of trying to identify a fear! Any suggestions?

20. Give people a reason to remember my name

Goal: To help others.
Result: Awareness raising on Postnatal Depression.
Progress: On track

This month, I have raised awareness on Maternal Mental Health. I made a video about my own experience of post-natal depression to raise awareness and help others get the help they may need (at the top of this page). There is also a blog post about my experience called Have I got post-natal depression?. Another amazing thing happened. I was on the radio!  It was a really good experience sharing my story on PND.

21. Pay for a strangers meal or drink

Goal: Pay for a meal or drink when I am next out to dinner or grabbing a coffee from Costa.
Result: n/a
Progress: Not started

I am not sure how I would react if a stranger paid for my drink or meal. This will be interesting.

22. Meet a celebrity

Goal: Meet a celebrity.
Result: n/a
Progress: Not started

At some point during this journey, I want to meet a celebrity and most definitely get a selfie! I don’t know how, where, who or when I will meet one, but I want to make this happen.

23. Dress in a completely different style for a day 

Goal: Go all out with the lippy, quirky style and dress completely different to my norm.
Result: n/a
Progress: Not started

I am trying to wear more bright colours and not buy clothes that are black. I will most certainly post pictures when I dress in a COMPLETELY different style for a day.

24. Do 30 days of something 

Goal: Set a date and make this happen.
Result: Start date 01/08/2018
Progress: n/a

I am trying to work out what I can do for 30 days; vegan for 30 days, workout for 30 days in a row, what do you think? Comment at the end of this post.

25. A public speaking engagement where I share my story 

Goal: Share with an audience my full story and how I have become the person I am today.
1 pending
On track

Plans are in the pipeline and I am hoping I will be able to share more on next month’s review! Watch this space.

26. Radio interview

Goal: Radio interview to raise awareness.
Result: 1 interview, 1 pending June 2018
Progress: Completed

I secured a radio interview for BBC 3 Counties Radio on the Nana Akua Health Show and discussed Maternal Mental Health as well as mentioning about my dad taking his own life and the impact it had when I became a mum. Doing a radio interview was empowering as I was able to spread the message further and help break the stigma of mental health. At first, I felt really anxious about the experience, but I made sure that I prepared properly and had an idea of what I wanted to say. I can’t wait until the next radio interview!


27. Watch a live sporting event

Goal: Attend a live basketball match.
Result: n/a
Progress: n/a

I need to find and book a live basketball match.

28. Follow my dreams no matter how far they may seem

Goal: Set goals and make my dreams a reality.
Result: Maintaining my blog and social media with positive work
Progress: On track

The whole idea of me setting up Wide Eyed Mummy was to share with the world my experiences, as a means of raising awareness on issues and increasing prevention. By maintaining my blog, putting my videos and content online, I am definitely fulfilling my dream of helping people and will continue to do so.

29. Start a business

Goal: Start a business.
Result: n/a
Progress: n/a

This is a big deal! I have a few business ideas in the pipeline. I will make at least one of them happen, somehow! The only way to make this happen is to start.

30. Plan a 30th birthday celebration to remember! 

Goal: Big 30th birthday celebration.
Result: n/a
Progress: n/a

To enter into my 30th year, I want to celebrate in style. This involves the sunshine, Wray and Nephew and reggae music! There is one place that springs to mind! Jamaica….hmmm?? TBC!

Summary of the Month

The word for this month is humbled. I feel humbled by the amount of support I have received from the videos and content I have shared on social media. It makes me even more motivated to continue my journey.

My confidence is growing and I feel that I am helping more and more people, which brings me joy! I honestly love to see people doing well and I want my journey to be all about living the best and happiest life I can and help others to do the same. Self-reflection is an art that will help you to evaluate your position NOW, and what you can do to improve, change or re-direct. It is never too late to set yourself some new goals.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Keep smiling and be happy. You are blessed.

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