Setting goals and working your ass off to smash them is a key factor to living your best life. I set my 30 things to do before turning 30 because I wanted to make sure I leave my twenties with a bang. One thing’s for sure, I am not taking the view that my life is over when I turn 30. In fact, I want to take more risks, be more adventurous and enjoy every waking moment. So every month, I will be reporting on my progress towards my 30 things to do before 30 list.

So here is my September goals review. I hope that you can get some inspiration to start your own list, or if you already have one, inspire you to carry on to achieve your goals.



Now that it’s 7 months in, I have decided that I will make a monthly highlights video and have a tick list. I need to start seeing how many I have left! Making a video means I have to discipline myself and put in the time to film and edit. Not such a bad thing. Oh..and I am a lil bit cray cray!! loool!

If you want to see examples of how I have completed the below, please read my previous monthly reviews.

Not many left!! Yipee!!

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