Setting goals and working your ass off to smash them is a key factor to living your best life. I set my 30 things to do before turning 30 because I wanted to make sure I leave my twenties with a bang. One thing’s for sure, I am not taking the view that my life is over when I turn 30. In fact, I want to take more risks, be more adventurous and enjoy every waking moment. So every month, I will be reporting on my progress towards my 30 things to do before 30 list.

So here is my July/August goals review. I hope that you can get some inspiration to start your own list, or if you already have one, inspire you to carry on to achieve your goals.


I had 2 key highlight’s for this month; speaking in London at a Motherhood & Mental Health event and also participating in research about maternal mental health at Nottingham University.


This month I spent a lot of time with loved ones and made the effort to see people I do not normally see.


1. Self Love

Goal: Do what makes me happy, say no to things that don’t make me happy or bring joy.
Wardrobe clear out
Progress: On track

Self-Love is more than just loving your body and accepting the way you look. Self-Love is also about being therapeutic, being kind to yourself and clearing out old ‘shit’. During July/August, I had a massive wardrobe clear out and gave a load of old clothes to charity. I also did this for my son and partner too ha..ha.!! Clearing out my wardrobe and draws has 100% positively affected my mind because all of the clothes I currently have actually fit! I am not holding on to things that used to fit many years ago. I got rid of the old and made room for new things. But that means spending more!

For me, cleansing my mind involves letting go of old things and having regular clear outs. I like to throw things out that remind me of the bad points in my life, which helps me to focus on a positive future.

2. Volunteer 

Goal: Volunteer my time for a cause I believe in.
Result: Quiz night 18th May
Progress: Complete

On Friday 18th May 2018, I was the Quiz Master for Sienna’s Footsteps. What a night! Although I was tired, I had a really good night and we managed to raise over £1000!! After spending quite some time putting together the quiz, I was glad that it all came together well.

3. Develop my self-confidence 

Goal: Venture out and explore more ways to build my self-confidence.
Result: A Daily boost in confidence evidenced by speaking up and speaking out more.
Progress: On track

In some ways, I feel like confidence can be a hard thing to track, depending on how you perceive confidence. For me, confidence is transitioning all of the amazing thoughts and feelings that happen on the inside and being more outwardly expressive about myself. I guess it’s about having a voice, and that voice getting louder and stronger.

In July, I spoke for the first time at an event and sat as part of a panel. This took a lot of mental preparation and self-belief, because I had thoughts of ‘who am I?’ &  ‘why would anyone want to listen to me?’. But the reality is, I have a story and I am willing to share it.

To get to this stage, I have been doing a lot of visualising myself where I want to be.

“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill

I am proud of myself for how far I have come and humbled by the support. My confidence continues to grow and change.

4. Enhance my public speaking skills

Goal: Go up on stage and speak.
Result: 21st July 1st Public speaking engagement
Progress: Completed

This goal used to be ‘Go up on stage and speak with bags of confidence’ but I decided to change it to – ‘go up on stage and speak.’ simply because it is not easy to go up on stage and speak, especially when you are sharing something that is sensitive and close to your heart.

On 21st July 2018, I shared my story and connected with an audience. Initially, I was quite nervous and there was a sense of ‘are they judging me?.. but once I had passed the self-doubt, my speaking just flowed from the heart. I felt a sense of empowerment come over me and the feedback was humbling. I took the timeout after the event to connect with the guests and answer any additional questions that came about. Some people cried, some people just simply wanted a hug, but the fact that I connected with them made me feel good.

I am truly humbled and blessed that Jess @TheFatFunnyOne chose me. I will be speaking at her ‘Living your Best Life’ event in October.

During July/August, I have given short power intros at the following:

  1. Mapping Perinatal experiences workshop – Nottingham University
  2. Women Be – Women’s conference – London
  3. Multi-Cultural Business Club – London

5. Face challenges & learn what I need to conquer them 

Goal: Face some of the challenges I would usually run from and conquer them.
Result: Challenge identified, regular exercise.
Progress: Needs improvement

I am not doing great with the regular exercise but I have been out on more walks than usual. Going forward, I am scheduling exercise in my diary 3 times a week! I need to get better at this and I know it!

6. Travel somewhere I have always wanted to go

Goal: To visit a place I have always wanted to go.
Result: Scotland.
Progress: Date- October 2018

I will be visiting Scotland in October 2018. How exciting! I have touched base with my aunty and am hoping to plan a trip to Aberdeen to visit the place where my dad grew up.

7. Save a little each month to invest in myself 

Goal: Putting a little something aside each month to invest in me.
Result: I have a small savings pot.
Progress: £75

Every time I get paid, I draw out a little bit of money and put it in the pot. This will continue each month. This month the balance is £75.

8. Love MY Body 

Goal: Embrace who I am.
Result: Invest time in me.
Progress: Ongoing

I love my body and give thanks for continued health and strength both mentally and physically.

One thing about me is that my weight goes up and down. Since having my gallbladder removed I go through different stages where my weight just fluctuates. But I love my body regardless. I am not one to focus on weight and it grieves me when people prevent themselves from taking up an opportunity based on a number on the scales.

Your body is not all about how it looks. It is also about what it can do. I continue to appreciate the woman I am and the body I am in.

This month my mum and I kindly got invited to a very special workshop called ‘The 5 flavours of health’. It was out in the beautiful countryside and the drive in was scenic. When I was there, I felt at peace. We discussed meditation, nutrition, climate and the importance of health and wellbeing. They did a cooking workshop and demonstrated how to cook flavoursome food in a natural way. We got to sample the food after… yum yum!!

The 5 flavours of health teach that a good diet is the first step to protect your health and life. The quality of the food you eat has an impact on how you feel, how you behave, what emotions are dominant in you and what decisions in life you make.


Goal: Try it!
Result: I have made inquiries about a local class.
Progress: Not started

I was supposed to try YOGA at ‘5 flavours of Health’. I was absolutely gutted that I had to leave early as I had my YOGA mat ready! There is another YOGA class I have seen coming up in September so I hope to be able to attend. If not, I have a friend who attends regularly, so I may just tag along with her.

10. Put on at least one event

Goal: Put on 1 event.
Result: 1st September 2018
Progress: On track

My event is booked! This will be about empowering people to redefine their purpose and I will be sharing my story on how I got through tough times in my life. I will also be raising money for Samaritans on the day. There is lots of preparation underway!

11. Publish an eBook

Goal: Write useful life experiences in an eBook.
Result: Decided on eBook subject
Progress: On track

I have decided that I am going to write my eBook at the end of this journey. It will be focussed on goal setting and smashing and my 30 before 30 journey. I will start to write this in December 2018.

12. Spend more time with loved ones 

Goal: Spend quality time with friends and family.
Result: Spending more time with people I care about
Progress: On track

This month I have continued to make time for the people who I love and care about. I went to see my Aunty who I have not seen for a few years and I honestly felt so much better having spent some time with her. We are planning another date to meet up 🙂 I will continue to spend quality time with friends and family and schedule time to make this happen. I put a yellow dot on my annual calendar to show when this has happened. Below is a pic of me, Asher and one of my best friend’s.

13. Work on my self-discipline 

Goal: To give up something I love for 30 days.
Result: n/a
Progress: Not started

On 1/10/2018 I am going to give up something I love for 30 days! I’m thinking chocolate… (crying)

14. Watch less, read more 

Goal: Limit how much TV I am watching and read more books!
Result: Purchased new book
Progress: In progress

I need to finish the book I purchased written by Jessica Huie – Purpose. Grab a copy.. you won’t regret it.

Going forward, I am going to dedicate at least 30 minutes each day to read.

15. Silent Rave

Goal: To attend a silent rave.
Result: Attended Hush Silent Rave
Progress: Completed March 2018

Back in March, I attended a silent rave and boy did I have fun! I went with two of my closest friends and we had a really good time. If you haven’t been to one before, I would highly recommend it! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen my YouTube review. If not, go check it out below.

16. Drop out of things I don’t like 

Goal: Drop out of things I really don’t enjoy.
Result: 3 Examples
Progress: Ongoing

In July, I was supposed to write this goals review! I was under a lot of pressure and to be honest, the idea of writing it gave me zero enjoyment. I had lost my flare a bit and decided that I would give it a miss and I am so glad I did. Sometimes we can force ourselves to do things that we really do not enjoy.

17. Eat what I love 

Goal: Eat what I love and try new foods.
Result: Vegan Lunch
Progress: On track

In July, I tried some food prepared at The 5 Flavours of Health workshop which had minimal seasonings and was very healthy. Also, I took part in research on maternal mental health at Nottingham University and a vegan lunch was on the menu! That was the only option available and it was LUSH!! I’m always open to trying new foods.

18. Write a letter to myself and open it on my 40th birthday 

Goal: Write an email or physical letter to myself.
Result: To be completed on 03/03/2019
Progress: n/a

I have decided that I will complete this on my 30th birthday once I have come to the end of the 30 before 30 journey.

19. Do something that scares me

Goal: Find something that scares me and conquer my fear!
Result: Running a 10k Love Luton Race on 28.10.18
Progress: Start training in September

I will be running the Love Luton 10K race and am raising money for Samaritans. After signing up, I had a revelation that put everything into perspective. On the day that my dad passed, I ran and ran to get help and now I am running to raise money so more people get the help they need before it’s too late. I know it will feel emotional when I am running but it will most certainly be rewarding. If you want to sponsor me, please click here. The money goes directly to Samaritans.

20. Give people a reason to remember my name

Goal: To help others.
Result: Awareness raising Suicide Prevention and Mental Health
Progress: On track

My campaign is available at www.onitshead.co.uk. Lots of people have signed up! But I still need to get more people on board. Please sign up or share the web address with others you may think would be willing to sign up. If you wish to sponsor my suicide awareness campaign, please click here.

21. Pay for a strangers meal or drink

Goal: Pay for a meal or drink when I am next out to dinner or grabbing a coffee from Costa.
Result: n/a
Progress: Not started

I am not sure how I would react if a stranger paid for my drink or meal. This will be interesting.

22. Meet a celebrity

Goal: Meet a celebrity.
Result: Get a selfie with a celebrity.
Progress: Not started

Unfortunately, I did not get to meet Jamelia because I couldn’t make it to the event! Please help me find a celebrity! Email me at info@wideeyedmummy.com if you know any!!

23. Dress in a completely different style for a day 

Goal: Go all out with the lippy, quirky style and dress completely different from my norm.
Result: Blogtacular event
Progress: Complete

Wearing bright colours makes me feel good! I have abandoned the black this year (mainly wear black to work 🤔🙈) because I want to have a sense of colour and vibrancy in my life. Wearing bright colours attracts attention but for me, I feel like it is a statement of my growth in confidence and boldness.

Wear whatever makes you happy, good energy is infectious!

This is a picture of me at the Woman Be conference in July.

24. Do 30 days of something 

Goal: Set a date and make this happen.
Result: Start date 01/11/2018
Progress: n/a

I want to think of something to start at the beginning of November. Watch this space!

25. A public speaking engagement where I share my story 

Goal: Share with an audience my story and how I have become the person I am today.
2 pending

As mentioned above, I spoke recently at the Bubbly & Body Motherhood & Mental Health event in London. I will also be speaking at my own event on 1.9.18 and again at Living Your Best Life on 6.10.18.

26. Radio interview

Goal: Radio interview to raise awareness.
Result: 4 interviews completed
Progress: Completed

  1. BBC 3 Counties Radio on the Nana Akua Health Show back in April.
  2. Pamtengo Radio on 5th June discussing mental health on the Real Talk with Simply Deez
  3. BBC 3 Counties Radio – Edward Adoo
  4. BBC 3 Counties Radio – Nick Coffer

In July I had 2 radio interviews with Edward Adoo and Nick Coffer talking about suicide and my #ONITSHEAD campaign. It is so important to talk about yourself for good mental health and I hope by me sharing my story, more people will feel empowered to talk up.

27. Watch a live sporting event

Goal: Attend a live basketball match or another sporting event.
Result: Looking for an event to attend.
Progress: n/a

I need to find and book a live basketball match or another sporting event.

28. Follow my dreams no matter how far they may seem

Goal: Set goals and make my dreams a reality.
Result: Maintaining my blog and social media with positive work
Progress: On track

The whole idea of me setting up Wide Eyed Mummy was to share with the world my experiences, as a means of raising awareness on issues and increasing prevention. I have only put one blog post up in August and I feel as though I have abandoned my blog a bit as I have been working on so many other projects that have required my time. I have a new strategy pending which I will test once Asher starts school.

29. Start a business

Goal: Start a business.
Result: n/a
Progress: n/a

I have been pondering on this and trying not to stress myself out. I am hoping I can make this happen but I need to really think about what I can offer that people may be willing to pay for.

30. Plan a 30th birthday celebration to remember! 

Goal: Big 30th birthday celebration.
Result: n/a
Progress: n/a

To enter into my 30th year, I want to celebrate in style. This could involve the sunshine, Wray and Nephew and reggae music! There is one place that springs to mind! Jamaica….hmmm?? TBC!

In closing…

Whatever comes in your path, embrace it and use it to guide your journey. Even if you fall down, turn around and get back up again and enjoy the rest of your life.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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