10 Top tips: Travelling with a Toddler

Are you planning a family holiday with a toddler? Or maybe you have struggled with one in the past? Check out my 10 top tips which could make your holiday less stressful:

1. Airport Transport – for the little one

2. Extra Pushchair Sun Shade

3. Mummy, I need a wee! Travel potty

4. Mummy, I need a Poo!! Toilet seat covers

5. High UV protection pop up tent

6. Hotel Sleeping arrangements- bed guard

7. Extend the room! No early check out

8. Rubber ring- Everyone with a baby loves it!

9. Keep your child entertained on the plane

10. Travel Pillow

Bonus Tip: Trunki!

Read on for full details…

 1. Airport Transport
During the first 2 years of my sons life, I travelled quite a few times and quickly came to learn (as he got heavier) that holding him in and around the airport is hard work! It is especially hard when you get off of the plane at the other end and have to go through customs and collect your bags. Also, I have flown at night and carrying a sleeping baby is even harder work!

Depending on the age of your child, I would recommend getting yourself a baby carrier to wear or if they are too heavy, a foldable pushchair which can go on the plane as hand luggage. Back in 2014, I bought a foldable pushchair from Mothercare, it was a godsend! When our flight landed at 1am, I was pushing a sleeping baby around from the point of getting off of the plane; other mums stared with envy!

Mothercare don’t appear to stock the one I bought, but John Lewis sell one that is just as good.

John Lewis stock the Babyzen Yoyo+ Pushchair.

Buy Babyzen Yoyo+ Pushchair, Black/Black Online at johnlewis.com

 2. Extra Pushchair Sun Shade
As you will know already, exposing children to the sun for long periods can be extremely dangerous. I bought an add on sun shade for my sons pushchair, which easily folds into a small portable bag. The one I got was made by Diono. The good thing about this shade is that it is universal and can fit most pushchairs.

Also, there are handy pockets on the side, so you can throw any bits and bobs in there. But, don’t put too many heavy items in the sides as it will weigh down the shade!

Kiddicare stock the Diono Shade Maker , sometimes they have it on sale, so look out for the deal!


3. Mummy, I need a wee!
My holiday was just around the corner and my son had just been potty trained. This would’ve been a disaster! But I discovered the portable potty, happy days!.. I ordered one from Amazon but it did not arrive in time for my holiday! That was the disaster!

When I returned from my holiday, it was there waiting for me. I have used it since I ordered it over 2 years ago and continue to use it. I would recommend this product, especially if your son has just transitioned out of nappies.

Amazon sell the Onedone Portable potty with starting prices as low as £6.99.

So…. as mine didn’t arrive in time, guess what? I made my own!! This is what I used during an eleven day break to Portugal. It was handy as it fitted in the bottom of the pushchair.

What you see here is an empty bucket which did contain biscuits. I cut a big hole in the lid and wrapped nappies around to give it some cushioning (Oh and stuffed my face with biscuits!).

I used hairbands to hold the whole thing together and then put bags in my new contraption every time my son needed to wee. Due to the size, he could also use it for a no.2! What do you think? Not bad Aye!


4. Mummy, I need a Poo!!

If you are anything like me, public toilets cause me to go into Germ Control mode. If my son asks to go for a poo when we are out, it fills me with dread. I usually sanitise the toilet (with hand santiser) and line the seat with toilet paper… Germ control!

Well not too long ago, I was in Poundland and came across disposable toilet seat covers!! OMG I had to get them… And I would highly recommend taking a pack away with you when you go on your travels.

Try Poundland if you have one local to you or Amazon as they do a 10 pack of disposable toilet seat covers for [amazon_link asins=’B0761S3L58′ template=’PriceLink’ store=’wideeyedmummy-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’f5fab0f0-09f3-11e8-9f91-b9986354c1b2′].

5. High UV protection pop up tent

I bought one of these pop up tents to use on my son’s first holiday when he was 6 months old. It was very hot when I went away and I wanted to ensure that I could enjoy the beach whilst keeping him fully protected.

My one bit of advice with these tents is DO TRY THIS AT HOME! The last thing you want on a windy beach is to be wrestling with the tent. They have a certain ‘knack’. It’s better to know the knack before you get to the beach!

Amazon sell the Auger Pop Up Beach tent which has the 50+ UV protection. This is perfect for when you want to change nappies, clothing or if your child wants to use the portable potty 🙂

On sale at Amazon for [amazon_textlink asin=’B0743985WT’ text=’Auger Pop Up Beach tent’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’wideeyedmummy-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’69868b7e-09f6-11e8-bc15-035de2e2c855′].

6. Hotel Sleeping arrangements

Hotel’s usually provide a travel cot for your little one, but if you are traveling with a toddler, it might be worth investing in a bed guard. My son has been a fussy sleeper from a young age, we have co-slept on most of our holidays. I invested in a Safety 1st Portable Bed guard which is perfect for travel as it ultra compact folding (66cm) and is practical as you can fold it down, making it easier for your child to get in and out of bed.

Tesco stock the safety 1st bed guard.


Image result for safetyuy 1st portable bed guard

If you do not want such a big bed guard, you could go for an inflatable one. Shrunks do a bed guard which is suitable from the age of 2. This is an alternative to lagging around a portable one which can be purchased from Tesco.

Image result for safe tot inflatable bed guard

Please do your research to ensure that the bed guard you purchase is safe to use for your child’s age.

7. Extend the room!

When you get to the last day of your holiday, do you get that feeling where you just want to get home? I certainly do.

Before I became a mum, flight times were not a major concern for me and I would often check out of a hotel at 12pm and not fly home until the evening. But, that can be an absolute nightmare with a child!

When travelling with my son, I always try and get a flight home that is in the morning or early afternoon. Failing that, I extend my room or pay for another night. This makes the last day of the holiday enjoyable, rather than a holiday end from hell! It gives me the flexibility to enjoy the last day and still have somewhere to go back to and rest. Maybe you could try too.


8. Rubber ring- Everyone with a baby loves it!

Every time I used this rubber ring with sunshade, I would get parents coming up to me asking where I bought it from. To be honest, if I saw another parent using it, I would not be ashamed to ask them too. It is super cool and protects your little one from the sun, so the whole family can enjoy being in the pool together. My son loved it so much that he still tried to fit in it at the age of 3!

Amazon sell this rubber ring for [amazon_link asins=’B0719MXVDS’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’wideeyedmummy-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’d2d33866-09f7-11e8-8a31-395b2071f468′].

9. Keep your child entertained on the plane

Just before my son turned 2, I took a trip to Jamaica. That is a 10 hour trip from the UK!

How did I do it I hear you ask….

Well… thankfully I had other family on the trip with me, but I kept my child entertained with sticker books, lots of them! Also his tablet loaded with lots of his favourite shows. I got him some children’s headphones too. I also bought some new toys and he was super excited as he had not seen them before. One of the new toys was a Doctors set so of course I played the patient and he was the doctor!

If you are lucky, your child will sleep at some point during the journey, but if not, I recommend Coffee…Lots of it! Which brings me onto the next point which is ….

10. Travel Pillow

In order for your child to have a decent sleep on the plane or in the car, I would recommend a cushion for them to rest their head on. Don’t go for an ordinary cushion, get yourself a 2-in-1 cushion that doubles up as a cuddly toy!

At the time when I purchased mine, my son was very much into Peppa Pig so I got him this one..

Amazon sell a vast range of travel cushions and have this George Pig one for [amazon_link asins=’0857267361′ template=’PriceLink’ store=’wideeyedmummy-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’d66d333d-09ed-11e8-8260-2b4d3c4f0961′]

Image result for george peppa 2 in 1 cushion

[amazon_link asins=’0857267361′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’wideeyedmummy-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’4536e80f-09ef-11e8-b156-93793fcf82f9′]

I’m cheating, here is my Bonus Tip!!!


This is one of the best parenting travel creations of all time! All of the parents that own one will agree, i’m sure.

Not only is it a ride on, it is also a suitcase and you can even buy inserts… The reason I love mine so much is because it gives my son a sense of independence in packing ‘his case’. It comes on as hand luggage and I put all of the toys, books and his cushion safely inside and we can even lock it.

When my son is bored waiting in the departures lounge, I’m the crazy mum whizzing him up and down at top speed! So watch out 🙂

Image result for trunki

You can buy these from a range of stores. Kiddicare sell them in different colours.

I hope this post has been in some way helpful to you. If it has, please leave a comment 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.

Wide Eyed Mummy x

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